Medical Education

Surgeon Education: The Reality of the Future is Virtual

Surgeon training is a significant undertaking for both the learner and the teacher. To first do no harm, trainees spend countless hours learning to become competent and safe. The means to this end however has significant limitations. The cliché of see one, do one, teach one grossly oversimplifies the acquisition of a surgeon’s skill, is actually unethical and requires elaboration. […]

Digital Health

Prescription video games may be the future of medicine

(The Verge) – “Brain-training” games have been a controversial topic in recent years, especially after a group of scientists and researchers published an open letter in 2014 saying there is “very little evidence” that training your brain in one area or on one task offers improvement in other areas of cognitive function. […]

Digital Health

VR Serious Games Redefining Physical Therapy

(Serious Games Market) – The Virtual Reality Physiotherapy (VRP) Market is expected to experience an exponential growth over the coming years. Physiotherapy has become an integral part of any rehabilitation process and awareness of the importance of Physiotherapy is constantly increasing. […]

Digital Health

The Top 15 Examples of Gamification in Healthcare

(The Medical Futurist) – If you measure your daily step count or raise a virtual plant to drink more water a day, you already fell victim of the charms of gamification. Is it bad news? On the contrary! Gamified apps, devices, and therapies will gradually appear in every field of healthcare making behavior change easier and more fun. Here are the greatest examples of gamification! […]