PrecisionOS Software Platform Expands to Train Orthopedic Surgical Nurses

Ongoing challenges posed by COVID-19 demonstrate the opportunity and need for hospitals and nurses to adopt procedural training through a virtual reality platform

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, JUNE 24, 2020 — (PRWEB) — PrecisionOS, developers of the proficiency-based medical-grade virtual reality™ learning platform for surgeons, announced today their expansion into orthopedic surgical nurse training. Following the increased demand for remote training and society’s new accustoms to social distancing guidelines, PrecisionOS is committing to advance perioperative orthopedic nursing staff’s skill set by providing immersive learning through a VR experience. PrecisionOS technology will enhance knowledge and procedural step-based orthopedic skills in support of traditional mentorship-based nurse training.

“Patient-centered care relies on a highly skilled team. Like all parts of our society today the precautions surrounding COVID-19 restrict the ongoing training and preparation that my operating room colleagues and I can participate in. Over the past weeks, I’ve consulted with Nursing experts and the need is clear,” said Dr. Danny Goel, an orthopedic surgeon in Vancouver, BC and Chief Executive Officer of PrecisionOS. “In high risk, fast-paced environments such as the OR, nurses need to practice in realistic virtual environments where errors, and needed patient interventions can be recognized, failures detected, corrected, and skills practiced,” says Dr. Patricia Benner, Professor Emerita, University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing. Director of EducatingNurses.Com and Co-Founder and Faculty Development Consultant, NovEx, E-Learning Program. “PrecisionOS provides such an environment, where nurses can safely learn from errors, and provide new levels of patient safety. Such realistic simulations allow for gaining the perceptual-grasp needed for “knowing -how and when” to act (situated cognition) in real patient care situations.”

The PrecisionOS software allows experiential learning while providing data on performance and decision-making processes. This is critical now more than ever, with COVID-19, where both nurses and surgeons have not been in the operating room performing elective cases for months.

Delays in procedures impact the whole dynamic of the OR. Where traditional training demonstrates limitations, PrecisionOS delivers a more consistent, regimented, and structured approach that can function independently from the availability and schedules of senior nurses. Receiving continued learning through a balanced and well-rounded model can help teams avoid redundancies within a more comprehensive and holistic system overall.

NursePractitioners03 REV“The user-friendly PrecisionOS technology system couldn’t be available at a more convenient time,” said Sandy Randhawa, the Clinical Nurse Educator at Burnaby (British Columbia) Hospital where PrecisionOS has made their mark in OR nurse training. “Our current process uses an apprenticeship model where a junior nurse will assist by shadowing a senior nurse in the OR to teach the details of a case. “The COVID pandemic has forced us to innovate many aspects of patient care. Increased utilization of virtual care models is one example of this. We are very excited that Burnaby hospital will be the pilot site for PrecisionOS to train the next generation of OR Nurses.”

“The safe and efficient delivery of surgical care is like a symphony. The surgeon and nurses play a critical role in supporting each other during operative cases,” Dr. Goel said. “Our team-based approach to VR education is a critical pathway to ensure we maintain the utmost safety for all health care providers, the students, and our patients.”

With the PrecisionOS team already receiving positive feedback on the platform from nurses in Vancouver, the company is excited to continue rolling out this technology in additional installments and witness its impacts across a wider scope.

About PrecisionOS
PrecisionOS was founded by a team of clinical orthopedic surgeons and game developers to create the most relevant and applicable medical-grade-VR-simulation™ experience. Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and backed by the prestigious AO Foundation, the company’s mission is to provide first-in-class orthopedic surgical training on a global scale. Given its focus on surgical education, PrecisionOS is a CME provider through the Royal College of Physicians, and Surgeons of Canada and the only scientifically validated, peer-reviewed and published immersive virtual reality product on the market. It has been tested among its end users and customers resulting in business relationships with some of the top orthopedic companies and societies in the industry.

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