Revolutionizing Ligament Injury Rehabilitation with Sensoria Smart Knee Brace

Knee ligaments are short bands of connective tissue that hold the knee together. Knee ligament injuries can be caused by trauma, or they can often be caused by sports injuries.

The knee has 4 major ligaments. Ligaments connect bones to each other. They give the joint stability and strength. The knee ligaments connect the thighbone (femur) to the shin bone (tibia). A cruciate ligament injury often causes pain, and you may hear a popping sound when the injury happens. The knee may also swell after the injury, and you will not be able to move your knee as you normally would. You may also feel pain along the joint and pain when walking. Often you will have pain at the sides of the knee. If it is an MCL injury, the pain is on the inside of the knee. An LCL injury may cause pain on the outside of the knee and the knee will also feel unstable. The ACL ligament is in the center of the knee. It controls rotation and forward movement of the shin bone. Very often a ligament injury requires surgical treatment.

After surgery, the rehabilitation process for ligament injuries can be arduous and challenging, both for weekend warriors and all level athletes. Fortunately, recent technological advancements have brought forth innovative solutions that aim to enhance recovery and improve outcomes. One such groundbreaking development is the Sensoria Smart Knee Brace, a cutting-edge wearable device specifically designed to revolutionize ligament injury rehabilitation.

The ACL is a vital ligament that provides stability to the knee joint, preventing excessive forward movement of the tibia (shinbone) relative to the femur (thighbone). Athletes engaged in sports activities involving sudden stops, pivots, or changes in direction, such as soccer, basketball, football, and skiing, are particularly susceptible to ACL tears.

Recovering from any ligament injury involves a complex process that includes surgical intervention and post-operative rehabilitation. Physical therapy is crucial for rebuilding strength, restoring range of motion, and enhancing knee joint stability. However, traditional rehabilitation methods lack the ability to provide constant feedback and real-time data, making it difficult for healthcare professionals to accurately monitor progress remotely and in near-real time. Often after the first physical therapy visit the patient is provided with a faded xerox copy of exercises to perform at home. Of course, that piece of paper is often lost. Even if it’s not lost it is extremely challenging for each patient to remember to follow this process and execute the right exercise correctly and with the right frequency.

This is where the Sensoria Smart Knee Brace comes into play.

The Sensoria Smart Knee Brace is an advanced wearable device that assists individuals in their rehabilitation journey from any ligament injury. Combining state-of-the-art sensor technology, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, your intelligent knee brace will offer real-time feedback to both patients and healthcare providers.

At the heart of the smart knee brace are two Sensoria® Core devices which are 9-axis Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) positioned above and below the knee. These devices can effectively measure range of motion, one of the key indicators of successful rehabilitation outcomes. The Sensoria Core device connects wirelessly to a customized mobile application. The app provides short videos of daily exercises for the patient to perform when they are not attending their physical therapy appointments on sight. The Smart knee brace system can collect the quality and the quantity of the rehab in progress.

Knee Rehabilitation Exercises

The Sensoria Smart Knee Brace monitors quality and quantity of each repetition and gives you the option to share that with your healthcare professional. The corresponding color-coded clinician remote patient monitoring cloud dashboard allows the physical therapist to obtain a holistic view of his/her patient population which increases efficiency and helps to improve patient outcomes. Real-time data can be securely shared, enabling clinicians to assess progress and provide personalized guidance, even from a distance.

Sensoria Health Platform

Ligament injuries can have a devastating impact on athletes, potentially hindering performance and even ending careers. However, with the advent of the Sensoria Smart Knee Brace, the rehabilitation journey has taken a significant leap forward.

By leveraging advanced sensor technology and real-time data analysis, this innovative wearable device empowers individuals to regain strength, stability, and confidence throughout their recovery process.

The Sensoria Smart Knee Brace is a meaningful evolution for ligament injury rehabilitation and has the potential to transform the approach to sports injury recovery altogether.

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