Building Intelligent Surgery For The Future Of Orthopedics

Enhatch Announces Growth Investment to Make Surgeries Faster, Safer, Smarter 

HOBOKEN, NJ, June 22, 2021–As growth in orthopedic surgery demand continues to rapidly outpace surgeon capacity, one technology company’s innovative, AI-enabled software platform is helping streamline the end-to-end surgical process. Enhatch, provider of the leading cloud-based Intelligent Surgery platform, announced today that it has raised a significant growth investment led by software growth equity firms Trousdale Capital, and Apis Holdings, with participation by Enhatch’s existing major investors. Enhatch’s Intelligent Surgery platform provides leading medical device manufacturers access to powerful tools previously out of reach. These technologies will benefit orthopedic and spine device manufacturers, surgeons, and patients by making surgeries faster, safer, and smarter.

“A key objective with this funding is to integrate Intelligent Surgery into every aspect of the medical device industry and to ensure our partners have an enterprise-level customer experience,” says Peter Verrillo, CEO of Enhatch.  “We are committed to providing a robust, end-to-end solution that allows surgeons to work more efficiently, procedures to become more accurate, and companies to remain competitive no matter their size or balance sheet. We are delivering artificial intelligence to level the playing field; allowing any startup, small or midsize device company to leverage an enterprise platform more powerful than the largest device companies in the world.”

“The future of surgery is through artificial intelligence,” says Verrillo. “Before the pandemic, surgeons were already experiencing significant burnout due to rapidly increasing volume of surgeries paired with process inefficiencies. As surgeries are rapidly returning, the problem of surgeon burnout and capacity are becoming critical. We eliminate these process inefficiencies to build a better experience for the surgeon and patient, while reducing costs for the device manufacturer.”

“Recent breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, surgical robotics, and 3D printing are revolutionizing surgeries in the same way advents such as laparoscopy transformed surgeries in the 20th century,” says Nima Shahian, founder and managing partner of Trousdale Capital, and recently appointed member of Enhatch’s board of directors. “We’re excited to partner with Enhatch in disrupting the surgical supply chain to deliver cost savings, surgical optimization, and enterprise efficiency to medical device companies, surgeons, and patients.”

AI will make a significant impact in surgery in the coming years, as the industry requires a more streamlined workflow. In the coming months, Enhatch will announce several key product enhancements that will accelerate the automation and adoption of patient specific technologies.

Since the investment, Enhatch staff has doubled in size. One-third of employees are located in Tulsa, Okla. holding positions in dev ops, sales, marketing, and customer success.

“In partnership with the broader community, we continue to make significant investments in talent and quality of life here in Tulsa,” says Jay Calhoun, managing partner of Apis Holdings and chairman of Enhatch’s board of directors. “We think these strategic investments directly benefit technology, data, and service companies like Enhatch, who are seeking long-term partners who can help grow their operations to enterprise scale. We’ve been able to respond quickly to Enhatch’s aggressive hiring needs, pulling together a powerful combination of top-notch talent and friendly, customer-oriented team members. We do this while collaborating with management to build an enduring company with strong unit economics.”

In March, Crunchbase named Tulsa as the “next stop for the great tech migration.” Tulsa is becoming a home for tech startups and scale-oriented technology companies due to its low cost of living, high quality of life, and strong community.

About Enhatch
Enhatch is pioneering Intelligent Surgery by harnessing artificial intelligence for smarter, faster, and safer surgeries. Our products offer advanced surgical planning tools, integration into patient driven technologies, such as 3D printing, unmatched collaboration platforms, real-time inventory visibility, and the next generation of enabling technology for orthopedic surgery. For more information, visit

About Trousdale Capital
Trousdale Capital is a global technology investment firm focused on multi-stage investments in rapidly growing software companies. Trousdale Capital’s mission is to partner with leading software companies by providing strategic capital and hands-on software expertise to drive growth by accelerating product innovation, go-to-market, and customer success. For more information, visit

About Apis Holdings
Apis Holdings is a Tulsa-based investment firm focused on multi-stage investments in technology, data and services. For more information, visit

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Peter Coffaro is a growth-driven and strategic executive with over 25 years of progressive management success in the medical device industry. With a proven track record and recognized expertise, Peter has established himself as one of the top influencers in medical sales, as acknowledged by prestigious publications such as the World Journal of Orthopedics, Exponential Healthtech, and Throughout his career, Peter has accumulated 10 years of combined sales management experience, excelling in various roles including Director, General Manager, Distributor, and Vice President. He has worked for industry-leading orthopedic companies such as Zimmer, DePuy, and Stryker, solidifying his deep knowledge and network within the field. Peter’s passion for innovation and emerging technologies led him to found OrthoFeed, an award-winning blog covering digital orthopedic news and emerging medical technologies. Through this platform, he stays at the forefront of the industry and contributes to the dissemination of valuable insights. Peter is a three-time Hall of Fame award winner at Johnson and Johnson, demonstrating his exceptional contributions and impact on the organization. His expertise extends to areas such as organizational development, business development, sales management, digital marketing, and professional education. Peter earned a B.S. degree in Biology and Chemistry from Northern Illinois University, further complementing his comprehensive understanding of the medical field. With his wealth of experience, strategic mindset, and dedication to advancing healthcare, Peter Coffaro is a valuable asset and leader in the medical device industry.

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